Technology in K-12

Technology has been aiding mankind since the Paleolithic age . Helping early humans in surviving and coping with the environment of the early Earth. But since our tools changed from stone to metal and years have passed on, technology is still aiding humans in coping and surviving in our current environment . In every future of humans, technology is a big benefactor . Humans are now capable in exploring the final frontier, which is space . Given that technology can help in many channels of life, can technology aid us in every human developments like the newly implemented K-12 system ? Will technology be an aid ? Or will this simply harm the logical thinking of the uneducated citizens ?

        Technology has been helping us, scientifically, economically, environmentally, survival, and so on. But in education, technology can both help and produce positive and negative effects. In the negative front , the students who are in participation of the K-12 program, may use technology and spend all of their time in technology like computers, smart phones and other gadgets they are capable of buying. With these gadgets that can be easily accessed , they may get addicted. This addiction will give them a hard time and grasp in their education, which is a very bad effect both for the student and the economy of this country. In the positive front, the capabilities of the students in acquiring information are extensive and with a little effort and only a little knowledge, they can research information from computer websites with the aid of the internet. They can exchange the information they got with others so that theories can be made with the help of social networking sites. The capabilities of students with technology are infinite. They can aid others in their home works by giving information through their phones.

       Technology is a great benefactor in K-12 program of the government. K-12 will absolutely be a success if its participants are willing. People can also expect that the new K-12 system will produce graduates who are more prepared for college education. The program is expected to provide a clear view of which career they would take. This may lead to less drop-outs, and more chances of success in graduating from whatever course they choose. K-12 and technology will be the answer to the problems of this country . They will enrich the minds of the uneducated yet smart and capable of learning all sort of things . K-12 through technology , the answer to our poverty .



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